Writing and Editing 


Need a hand with a writing project that’s languishing on your desktop?

Our team is proficient in many genres of writing: grants, newsletter and magazine articles, speeches, web content, annual reports, style guides, media releases, curriculum, editorials, radio scripts, marketing materials, and proposals. Specific areas of expertise and interest include education, science, environmental communications, and arts and culture.

Whether you need help identifying your audience, conducting interviews or doing research, getting your message heard, creating a single voice from a multi-author document, writing plain language materials, or adapting print content for web, the Green Fuse team will get the job done on time and to your satisfaction.

Writing services include the following:

♦ ghostwriting
♦ copywriting (marketing and promotional materials)
♦ business writing and plain language (e.g., reports, proposals, grants, training material, executive summaries, white papers)
♦ curriculum, both for classroom and online delivery
♦ social media content
♦ web writing (e.g., online content and blogs)
♦ technical writing (e.g., manuals, training materials, policies and procedures, technical reports)


Behind every great online manual or annual report, there’s a careful and diligent editor.

Most writers—no matter how good their writing is—could use the services of a professional editor. Editors ensure quality control—in grammar, style, accuracy, structure, and design. They edit for style, structure and content; for grammar, punctuation and consistency; and for plain language.

Modern editors come in several versions, from copyeditor to information designer to project manager. The Green Fuse editors wear all hats. We can work with text, but we’re equally comfortable with structure, visuals, information architecture, or production. Regardless of the medium, we work to ensure your ideas are communicated clearly and efficiently. Let us help you produce a stellar piece of work that reflects you and your organization at your very best.

Editing services include the following:

♦ proofreading
♦ copyediting
♦ structural editing
♦ research and fact checking
♦ layout and design
♦ project manager – from concept through to production