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Writing can be a demoralizing experience for many business writers. Some people spend most of their day writing yet have no training in professional business writing. Along with their own writing challenges, they also have to contend with readers who are not necessarily familiar with their subject and who also might be struggling to keep up with all their correspondence.

Our informative and engaging workshops help people become better writers and help them present themselves as respectful, smart, and professional. Participants appreciate the techniques and resources we provide to make the writing process less difficult and more rewarding. We show writers how to engage with their audience through a reader-centred approach and a focus on clear, correct, and confident writing.

Green Fuse can tailor a workshop to fit your communication needs. This could be a group of twenty taking a two-day effective business writing workshop, a group of seven non-native speakers taking a three-hour workshop to improve their email writing skills, or a communications department wanting help crafting their company style guide.